Angel Tree Eligibility and Guidelines

Life skill class participation is not required for Angel Tree qualification for 2020, however,
your family must be eligible to participate before registration is allowed. 


Eligibility is determined based on the information shown here:

Valid Photo ID

Proof of Address: Lease, current utility bill, voter registration or government document (SSI, DFCS, etc.)

Proof of Need: Must bring ONE of the following in the applicant’s name.

         – Section 8 or HUD lease documents (also serves as proof of address)

         – Medicaid, PeachCare, or SNAP eligibility letter (also serves as proof of address)

         – If you do not receive the above government assistance, please bring proof of monthly income sources and expenses.

                These standards must be met:

                Persons In Family           Income Maximum

                2                                              $27,900

                3                                              $31,400

                4                                              $34,850

                5                                              $37,650

                6                                              $40,450

                7                                              $43,250

                8                                              $46,050


Once eligibility is determined for the family, the following items must be presented for registration:

Required documents for parent(s):

* Valid photo I.D.

* Proof of Residence: Must bring current lease OR current utility bill OR mail received from the government OR School District in August or September, 2020.

Required documents for child(ren):

* Birth Certificates for each child being registered (Official custody or guardianship papers if applicant is not the biological parent).

* Clothing and shoe sizes, and toy wish for each child.



Contact The Salvation Army Corps in your county of residence for next steps. Click here for locations.