Angel Tree Guidelines and Participation Eligibility

*Previous Angel Tree clients can only register if they completed a Life Skills course in 2019.


Each family seeking assistance must apply in person in their county of residence and must bring the following items to register:


Valid photo I.D.
Proof of Residence: Must bring current lease OR current utility bill OR mail received from the government OR School District in August or     September.
Proof of Need: Must bring ONE of the following in the applicant’s name.
         – Section 8 or HUD lease documents
         – Medicaid, PeachCare, or SNAP eligibility letter
         – If you do not receive the above government assistance, please bring proof of your monthly expenses and all income sources.
                These standards must be met:
                Persons In Family           Income Maximum

                2                                              $27,900

                3                                              $31,400

                4                                              $34,850

                5                                              $37,650

                6                                              $40,450

                7                                              $43,250

                8                                              $46,050


* Birth Certificates for each child being registered

* Official custody or guardianship papers if applicant is not the biological parent.

* Clothing and shoe sizes for each child.